Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Specialist

and up (per hour)

The role of a newborn care specialist is to assist and educate the parents once they have brought their baby home from the hospital. The specialist works with families in their homes to help take care of their newborn baby, educates the parents on newborn care, and helps create a smooth transition to parenthood. This includes support with scheduling, feeding, sleep assistance, and breastfeeding. The specialist will be there at night while the parents get a good night’s sleep. When your baby wakes, the specialist will feed them by bottle or bring the baby to the mother to breastfeed. After feeding, the baby is burped, changed, and put back to bed.


Additional benefits What I offer breastfeeding moms is help with your baby’s latch and the different positions in which to feed your baby. If you want to pump instead, or in addition to feeding your baby from the breast, I can help you with a pumping routine. I will also change your baby’s diaper, burp baby, hold baby in an upright position if needed for reflux, and return baby to their bed. This can save mom up to 45 minutes of rest per feed that she would not be able to get on her own.


I am able to observe and adequately respond to a baby's needs and establish healthy sleep habits. As well as being knowledgeable about diaper rashes, circumcision care, reflux, colic, swaddling, and soothing techniques.


As a newborn care specialist, I am available to work at night, during the day, or on 24-hour duty. Typically, I come in for one week to four months to relieve Mom at night and provide education to the parents while there, making this exciting time of life less stressful for parents. Even if you decide to gift yourself with only a couple of weeks of help, the education and the rest you will receive for those two weeks will be very much worth it!